AI for Students: The New Frontier in Education

How many times have you started to use AI to help with your daily routines? Once or twice a day? Or probably more? AI is a new technology that plays a much bigger role than some may think. And with all the different use cases for this growing technology, there is one that may just fit the best: AI for students.

We can easily see many integrations of AI technology in various industries, even vital ones like health or science. AI shapes the way we used to work into a more effective and highly efficient process that can also be done fairly easily.

When integrated properly, AI can be a highly effective learning tool that we can always depend on. And it’s here to stay, as it continuously learns by updates in it’s access to information.

As this technology is highly adaptable, we can start to find its benefits in the education field. Students may also enjoy the use of AI to deal with their homework, learn new things that haven’t been told in school, or be connected with a tutor who can always help them when they are stuck in a specific subject.

How AI Can Be Helpful for Students

More Personalized Learning

The first use of AI for students is to aide in personalizing learning. AI has the ability to learn and adapt according to the given input. The adaptive learning ability it has can make it possible for the AI to understand each student’s interest and give more or better support to tailor the instructions accordingly.

When a student is struggling in a subject, AI can help them by providing the solutions and support needed to help them through. Again, by using adaptive learning, AI will give the students more challenges when they have succeeded and achieved the necessary skills. More difficult tasks will be given as the student progresses through the learning instruction to develop their skills and mentality better.

Have you ever used a chatbot before? Things like Google Assistant or Alexa are not something new. As the name tells you, they will work as your personal assistant. When you give them certain commands through chat, they will do exactly as you are told. However, when combined with AI technology, the chatbot that previously was used for fun can now become highly effective in finding answers and solutions.

Things like ChatGPT have become more common now, and people have been using it to answer their questions and make their work more automated by giving certain command prompts. When developed further, these chatbots can also be digital tutors for struggling students.

While giving the answers to questions asked by the students, they can also provide helpful insight of what’s the suitable learning method they should use. They can tailor the best possible learning approaches that can fit the students nicely.

We can see in a similar way what social media platforms do with video or music recommendations. Once the AI detects and learns more about the particular student, it may help by making tailored questions for assessment, correcting any misunderstandings, and also suggesting what’s the next area to explore. It would be a fun, continuous learning journey.

Finding Answers Quickly

Sometimes, it’s really hard to find an answer to the given questions. Back in the old days, we often felt confused about finding suitable answers when we were doing homework. Usually, we would usually use books to find any possible answer related to the questions.

Now that everything is interconnected, we can easily find homework answers on the internet. Most of the time, it’s working. And when it’s not, you can always depend on the AI-powered chatbots.

As they’re using AI technology to learn, the input given by the users will be processed and put inside their “memory”. So the next time another person asks the same question, the chatbox already has the answer.

The process of taking information from the users is not something that can be limited. The AI will continuously learn and correct its mistakes. Therefore, when students are confused when they’re dealing with homework, they can always use tAI-powered chatbots to find the answer.

However, not every piece of information from AI is factual, it’s highly recommended that students also use other references to support the answer.

All Day Access to Information

What’s special about AI is that it’s always there, whenever you need it. Each time the students need it to solve their questions, it’s always ready to help out. Also, since most AI platforms can be accessed on mobile, students won’t find it hard to connect with them. They can simply open their phone, access the platform, and do whatever they want to do there.

A common problem like language barrier, will be diminished as AI also supports a wide range of languages. So no matter what your background is, you can always depend on AI to learn something new.

The always-on ability is also useful for students who are struggling with their homework. Instead of looking everywhere for an answer, which could take hours, they can seek AI platforms to help them deal with the homework. All they need to do is to ask some questions, and AI will answer, as simple as that.

Enhances Curriculum Development

This benefit is actually related to the #1. As AI is able to analyze and make a suitable approach to make the learning process more effective by giving personalized tutoring, the technology can basically enhance the development of the learning curriculum.

Seeing the reports from the AI, teachers can improve their methods by using the recommendations. That way, both the teachers and students can always benefit from the more effective studying methods.

Making Studying More Engaging

The next use of AI for students is to make the boring studying session a lot more interesting. Yes, AI can also make the learning processes more interesting and engaging through the utilization of modern technologies. Developers can use the technology to change the boring ways of learning things into something more valuable and interactive.

For example, the recent advanced technologies we find in the gaming industry, like VR, can make students learn about things more enjoyably. They can see new things with it and finally understand something valuable through the fun method.

This can always be an alternative to book learning, which is still considered good. It’s a good idea to relieve the students from boredom as they can now learn by something that can be both informative and fun.

A new learning method like this won’t make teaching and learning activities boring anymore. Also, students can also study through playing educational games. The AI can help the developers improve the basic concept and use the many inputs from the users to create a game that can highly motivate them to learn something new.

Easy-to-Access Tutoring

Did you know that AI for students can be beneficial to them by giving external help outside school? Yes, parents have more options now if they want their kids to learn something a bit more extensive outside. While they can always look for a tutor, parents may also consider using AI-supported tutoring platforms.

As the name implies, these platforms work by giving the students some assessment quizzes and giving suitable learning methods accordingly. Some platforms are served with specific topics in mind, like Mathematics, Biology, and others.

When visiting these platforms, students can ask about the particular topic they want to learn. And, of course, the AI will give them exactly what they need by providing the information, along with assistance and support to improve their skills.

AI Tools for Students