Speechify is a state-of-the-art text-to-speech platform that leverages artificial intelligence to transform any written text on your device into spoken words. From PDFs and web articles to full-length books, Speechify not only caters to those with reading difficulties like dyslexia, but it also serves as a powerful tool for anyone looking to maximize their content consumption efficiency.

Speechify’s Unique Features

The true prowess of Speechify lies in its wide array of features, making it more than just a reading aid. It’s a multifaceted learning platform that has been ingeniously designed to enhance comprehension and retain focus, all while delivering a seamless user experience.

  1. High-Quality Voices in Various Accents: Speechify takes voice quality to a new level by offering a range of high-definition voices. These aren’t your typical robotic text-to-speech voices but lifelike male and female voices in multiple accents. Tailoring your listening experience has always been challenging, with the option to adjust the speaking rate according to your comfort.
  2.  Word Highlighting: To assist you in maintaining focus and tracking along, Speechify ingeniously incorporates a word-highlighting feature. As the text is read out loud, the corresponding words get highlighted. This simple yet effective technique can dramatically enhance your reading comprehension.
  3. Customization at Your Fingertips: Speechify puts you in control with its robust customization features. Want to change the voice, alter the speaking rate, or adjust the highlighting settings? Speechify lets you do everything, ensuring a comfortable and personalized reading experience.
  4. Seamless Syncing Across Devices: One of Speechify’s standout features is its ability to sync your progress across all your devices. This means you can initiate listening to a piece of content on one device and resume from the exact spot on another. This multi-device sync provides an uninterrupted and consistent learning journey.


Free Plan:
  • Offers 30 minutes of speech per day
  • Limitations: Excludes some advanced features
Premium Plan ($11.58/month or $139/year):
  • Includes all Free plan features plus:
    • Unlimited speech
    • Access to all voices and languages
    • Advanced features

Speechify Frequent Asked Questions

How does Speechify work?

Understanding how does Speechify work involves acknowledging its technological prowess and user-friendly design. 

  • Core Technologies: Speechify uses artificial intelligence and integrates technologies like Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Text-to-Speech (TTS) synthesis to convert text into audible speech.
  • Enhanced Reading Experience: Speechify provides high-quality voices in various accents and allows you to customize the speaking rate to suit your listening preference.
  • Multi-device Synchronization: Speechify can sync across your devices, allowing you to start listening to a text on one device and continue on another.
  • Ease of Use: To use Speechify, launch the app, select the desired text to be read, and the app does the rest. It supports reading from various sources, including PDFs, articles, websites, and books.
  • Cloud-based Service: Speechify uses a cloud-based service to process text and generate speech, ensuring quality performance without needing a powerful computer.

What is the monthly word limit for Speechify?

  • Free Plan: The Speechify free plan is limited to how much you can use it. You can get 30 minutes of free speech per day.
  • Premium Plan: The Speecify premium plan does not have a limit. You can utilize unlimited speech.

Can Speechify read Kindle books?

Yes! Speechify can read Kindle books. Here is how:

Steps to Read Kindle Books with Speechify:
  • Launch the Kindle app and select the desired book.
  • Tap the “Share” button.
  • From the list of sharing options, choose “Speechify“.
  • Speechify will start reading the book aloud.
Alternative Steps to Read Kindle Books not currently active in the Kindle app:
  • Open the Speechify app.
  • Tap the “Library” tab.
  • Select the Kindle book you want to listen to.
  • Tap the “Play” button, and Speechify will begin narration.

Is Speechify worth it?

Pure Future’s opinion on if Speechify is worth it? Yes, we believe it is because:

  • High-quality voices: Speechify offers lifelike voices in multiple accents, elevating the listening experience.
  • Word highlighting: Enhances comprehension by highlighting words as they are read aloud.
  • Customization features: Allows you to modify voice, pace, and highlighting for a personalized experience.
  • Sync across devices: Start reading on one device and quickly pick up from the same spot on another.
  • Affordable plans: The free plan offers 30 minutes of speech daily, while the premium plan unlocks unlimited speech and advanced features.
  • Kindle book compatibility: It is perfect for book lovers as it can read your favorite Kindle books aloud.

In essence, Speechify is more than a text-to-speech platform; it’s a tool that redefines content consumption, making it an excellent investment for your time and money.


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